Drowsy Driver Reviver Kit

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What are the critical signs of drowsiness & fatigue?

  • Constant Yawning
  • Drifting In Your Lane Of Traffic
  • Sore Or Heavy Eyes
  • Trouble Keeping Your Head Up
  • Delayed Reactions
  • Loss Of Attention
  • You Can’t Remember Driving The Last Few Kilometres
  • You Start To See Things That Are Not There
  • Your Eyes Close For A Moment Or Go Out Of Focus
  • Mood Swings Such As Irritability Or Boredom

Drowsy drivers cause accidents & death.

  • By the time you have reached the state of drowsiness, your body is already fighting sleep. Sleep onset is not far off and it’s likely you will not remember the exact moment you nodded off to sleep.

Who is at risk of Drowsy Driving?

  • Drivers who do not get enough sleep. Commercial drivers such as truck drivers, buses, tow truck drivers, Shift workers .Drivers with untreated sleep disorders. Drivers who use medications that make them sleepy. Always check with your doctor before taking new medications.

Drowsiness vs Fatigue

  • Fatigue usually refers to a feeling of tiredness or exhaustion due to illness or physical activity. Drowsiness refers specifically to the state before sleep. Drowsiness is much more dangerous than fatigue in the workplace.

Can you afford not to initiate the Drowsy Driver Reviver Kit in your workplace?