About The Kit

Innovative, Educational, Useful, Life Saving!

Everything in the kit has a use. Use one of the items or all.

The main thing is that the Drowsy Driver Reviver Kit is a reminder to recognize the critical signs of drowsiness and act upon them. Pull over and use your Drowsy Driver Reviver Kit.


Educational DVD

A short powerful message that educates your employee on the dangers of drowsy driving and how to use the Drowsy Driver Reviver Kit.


A quick set timer that should be set for 30 minutes. Giving you 10 mins to relax and 20 minutes to sleep. The optimal time for a power nap.

Neck Pillow

This helps you get as comfy as possible wherever you are power napping.

Eye Mask

Power napping needs to be done whenever you are drowsy, no matter what time of the day it is. The eye shades help you cut out any light and promote faster, more restful napping.


When you wake up from your power nap (remember only 20 minutes) grab water and take a walk around the car. This shakes off any feelings of grogginess or sleep inertia. Remember to stay hydrated on your trip. One of the first signs of dehydration is drowsiness.

Caffeine Gum

Have a caffeine Gum. Each gum is equivalent to one cup of coffee.

EKKO Wipes

Add a few drops of water to your EKKO wipe. Turning it into a refreshing pure 100% cotton reusable wipe. Give your face and hands a refreshing wipe.

Lens Wipes

Clean your optical glasses or sunnies to give you a fresh clear view of the road ahead.

All neatly packed into a highly visible kit that can be refilled or reused.

Even when you are using it as a wet pack or tackle kit or any number of things, it is still educating and reminding you to recognize the signs of Drowsy Driving and encouraging you to act upon them!

What a fantastic way to educate your employee’s on the dangers of Drowsy Driving. As well as showing them that you care about getting them home safely to their family. This innovative kit encourages your employees to take control of their own drowsiness and act upon it in a positive way. It will help them understand the critical signs of drowsiness and the need to pull over for an effective power nap. The power nap that could save not only their own life but also the lives of other road users. .

Can you really afford not to be implementing the Drowsy Driver Reviver Kit in your workplace?